The creation of “Surreal Objects” brand is originated from women’s subconscious which has become the main concept of the brand’s design. The concept shows almost all of women’s desire of an ideal beauty called “Surreal Objects.” Women of “Surreal Objects” have a special and unique personality as well as optimism. This is not just normal optimism, but the inability to create a bright and colorful world from within themselves and to emit their beautiful world’s positive energy to their surrounding. The design is unique and has a feeling of being one with mother-nature, which makes our models a symbol of harmony and happiness. There are hidden features of warmth and blissfulness throughout every collections, which will make your heart brimmed with peace and serenity. By using prints designs and the mixture of warm and pastel colors, we have created this brand with specials features that could ignite our customers’interest in stories behind our clothes. Our collection has been inspired by stories and arts of the 18th century’s artistic movement in France. This artistic movement helps us design a well detailed outfit.The details of our design could be compared with an haute-couture design, which could make our wearers,and those around them, feel special and unequaled,according to our brand’s concept that “Surreal Objects” is “Surreal Beauty.” Furthermore, our design suits many occasions, thus make it a brilliant choice of fashionable and practical clothing. Nowadays, our “Surreal Objects” brand has a storefront in Bangkok, the located at 2nd floor of Zen department store. Nevertheless, our brand had taken part in Hong Kong Fashion Week, an event that hold twice a year.Our prized products are also distributed by our dear customers in many stores around the world.


Mister Warot Subsrisunjai (Mister Andrew) is an fashion graduated from the Academy of Art University,
San Francisco. His brilliant design has been selected to participate in the New York Fashion Week,
Spring-Summer ‘08, NYC. After his graduated, he had moved to New York City to seek more
experience with many of New York’s Fashion house. In 2010,Mister Andrew has moved back to Bangkok
to create his own brand called “Surreal Objects,” by using his fashion experience from The Big Apple and his
love in classical art. He has created a unique design that is both elegant and comfortable at the sametime. His first
collection has been selected to exhibit at Vienna fashion week in Vienna, Austria, and Budapest, Hungary.
In the following year, Mister Andrew has brought his collection to exhibit at “Who’s Next” fashion exhibition in
Paris,France,which has been response with overwhelmingly positive feedbacks.